Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

We were transported back to Israel tonight at our church. We entered the gate to Bethlehem and were greeted by beggars asking for alms, we then strolled through a market along with some shepherds, wise men, angels and animals. EJ got to pet a donkey, some sheep, and a rooster and we also enjoyed some Hebrew folk dancing.

There were over twenty shops to see. Some taught bread making, bee keeping, weaving, mosaics, brick making, pottery, and carpentry. Others included a florist, barber, beautician, sweet shop, and toy shop. Each booth provided some type of experience.

We were then led by shepherds outside to where Mary and baby Jesus were staying.

EJ also got to see Ms. Jean from her Sunday school class.

Tonight was a Christmas experience I will remember. I wish we could make it a part of our annual Christmas traditions but who knows where we will be next year. Maybe it will be an idea I can bring to the next place we go!

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