Koziar's Christmas Village

How far do you have to travel to see the "Best Christmas Display in the World"? If you live in Pennsylvania, not very far.

This was our first time visiting this Christmas wonderland, and what a treat it was! We have seen some beautiful Christmas displays in our travels but nothing has compared to the amount of lights and displays we enjoyed at at Koziar's.

The drive down the hill towards the farm is magical. I have heard that the traffic to get into Koziars can be a couple hours long, but we were able to get in right away and there were not any long lines. It might have been the fact that the temperature was in the thirties. The majority of the things to see are outside but fortunately my mom had been warned about going in the cold and we were well prepared. We did have to make a few stops in the outlying building to warm up with some apple cider, but that just added to the fun of the winter night.

This will be even more enjoyable for EJ as she gets older!

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