Friday Night Football

Fall is in the air and what better way to celebrate the changing season than watch a local high school football game.

sipping her steamed milk while watching the game

EJ's eyes were wide open as they darted from the field of players, up to the cheering crowds, and over to the band playing next to us.

We sat in the opposing team's bleachers and got to enjoy the band's phenomenal drum section. It reminded me a bit of Philly!

she could not take her eyes off the field

We made it to half time, which was already passed EJ's bedtime, but I'm glad we did. Part of their half time show was the procession of the homecoming queen contenders. Apart from the fun of seeing their sparkly dresses, it was especially interesting to see how the school chose the fathers to escort their daughters around the field. Of the ten girls nominated, every one of them were on their father's arm. It was just another reminder of how important the father's role is in a daughter's life.

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