Ft. Pickens Camping

We spent part of our Columbus Day weekend camping with friends at Ft. Pickens, a fabulous park that is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

This is our second year camping during that holiday weekend and it is fun looking back at how EJ has changed since our last trip.

lighting a fire with daddyo - 2010

watching daddyo set up the tent - 2011

I think these Columbus Day camping trips will become a tradition!

The beauty of camping at Ft. Pickens is the myriad of activities there are to do together.

walk back from the beach

climbing the battery tower

and enjoying the view

We gathered together for a potluck dinner around the fire.


enjoying some guitar playing

And the kids had a blast playing together as the sun went down.

We were prepared for a very cold night of sleep, the forecast was calling for low 40s, but the only thing we had to endure was very loud campsite neighbors.

trying out her headlamp

Fortunately EJ had such an exciting day that she slept through it all and was charged for another day with friends.

nothing better than a camping breakfast of eggs and bacon

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