Jay Peanut Festival

green peanuts

We headed up north after church and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the Jay Peanut Festival. I had heard about it the last couple years from friends and wanted to be sure to experience the festival before we moved. It's not a big festival, the amount of food with peanuts is disappointing, and it was a bit of a drive, but we enjoyed the unique vendors (bought $1 sugar cane and 5lbs of green peanuts), country music, and farm tractors and animals.

down south country music

The festival is held on a 15 acre farm surrounded by cotton fields on the border of FL and AL.

that's what cotton looks like

EJ enjoyed climbing onto the tractors and sucking on her honey stick.

The farm animals were the big hit!




a loud rooster


And of course we finished the festival off with some barbecue and roasted corn.

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