Awana Awards Ceremony

receiving parent's hopper diploma
It was end of year awards night for my Awana Cubbie.

EJ joined this wonderful program half way through the year but was diligent in memorizing her Bible verses and finished her book just in time to receive her book award and last patch for her vest.

saying last verses to teacher
She brought the invitation  home with her a couple weeks ago and we hung it on the refrigerator. EJ was excited about the upcoming "party" and made sure Mom, Dad, little brother and Grandma were there to cheer her on.

receiving her badge
CJ was her biggest fan.

her biggest fan
After the awards were distributed it was time to use the bucks they had accumulated at the Awana store, jump in the bouncy house, and enjoy some treats (the sugar and coloring equaled a very late night for us).

lots of colored treats
I was so thankful for this Bible memorization program. I attended it when I was a little older than EJ and I still remember the verses I learned. It is wonderful hearing the verses in her little voice now. The one she says the most is "God loved us, and send His Son....1 John 4:10". It's the first one she learned and has definitely stuck. This will be the first program I look for wherever we move to next!

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