Mouse House

 EJ's imagination has been running wild with all the birds, animals and insects that we've been seeing in the yard. The April issue of Ladybug magazine has contributed to the magic of the critters.

We read a story about a ladybug picnic and a few minutes later she found one on a blade of grass.

There was another story about a butterfly garden and EJ is now convinced that the butterfly we've seen fluttering around our garden was the caterpillar she had for a few days as a pet.

No mice have made their appearance yet, to DaddyO's relief, but the project at the end of the magazine as left EJ hoping that we will see some. She cut, folded, and glued a house just for them as I read her the "Mouse House" poem.


The little tiny mouse
Made a little tiny house
With a little tiny box that he found.

He cut a tiny door, 
He swept his tiny floor,
And he cut a tiny window, 
round and round.

Now the little tiny mouse
Loves his little tiny house
That he made from the box that he found.

If only they would stick to painting their box house a collecting seeds.

In EJ's mind they do.

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