Portsmouth's 129th Annual Memorial Day Parade

We observed Memorial Day by attending our nations longest run Memorial Day parade in just across the water in Portsmouth.

 Navy sailors were handing out American flags as we arrived and the kids waved them enthusiastically.

We found a spot in the shade and had fun people as we waited for the parade to begin.

Present and past service members marched to the cheering of the crowd.
There were Korea, Vietnam, and WWII vets as well as organizations that support the military.


We have been reading "Memorial Day Parade" one of the books we got from the library to prepare for this holiday, and EJ got to experience almost all of the events in the book. The parade didn't throw any candy and her grandfather wasn't marching in it. I did tell her that her Great Grandfather served in WWII and she proceeded to express how much she would love to watch him in the parade as well as go visit him. I think she has gained a better understanding of what this holiday is about. 

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