Pirate Ship Park

Pirate Ship Park is exactly what the name implies. A BIG pirate ship for kids to play on. It is located just outside the West Gate within a walk from our tower when the gate is open (4:30 to 6 p.m) and a few minute drive when it is not.

We first visited the park for a friend's birthday.

The kids were in love. Surrounded by trees and a small stream, it is an enjoyable place for me to visit as well.


Grandma and Grandpa spent a morning with CJ playing at the park.

He climbed.

And climbed.

Then slid down and did it all over again.

Roller slides are very popular in Japan and CJ could do this one over and over again.

Shamu made a big impression on CJ last year so he was pretty excited to find his friend to play with.

There was an elderly gentleman who brought toys for the kids to play on and gave CJ crumbs to feed the pigeons.

CJ loved riding the Anpanman car around.

There is a small parking lot near the playground that usually has spots available during the week. Be warned though that if it is a weekend or holiday it may be a wait for a spot. 

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