First Bus Ride

I have now experienced the emotions a parent experiences as their child waves goodbye on their first bus ride to school.

One of the questions I had when we first started was whether or not I'd be able to make the early morning pick-ups. The kiddos bedtime had been closer to 9 p.m. and they were sleeping in a bit for me. With Baby B's arrival though I had to get up much earlier so it made sense for the older ones to do the same.

I had extra help getting EJ ready in time for the pick up. First her collared shirt and pleated skirt. The jacket, hat and shoes followed. Finally the buttons.

Ready with time to spare for some pictures.

Her bus stop was just a short walk down the sidewalk from our tower.

We met another girl she will be riding with on the bus.

Before I knew it the bus had pulled up and the bus sensei was greeting the girls with a bow.

Then EJ was ushered on and blew me kisses as they drove away.

Our little girl has reached a major milestone and there is no looking back.

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