First Day of Yochien

The day for EJ to start yochien finally arrived. As with most everything else, the first day of school is a bit different in Japan than in the States. Here the parents wear suits and dresses and the whole family travels to the school for an opening ceremony.

Grandma had brought class pictures of me at my first days of gan (preschool) in Israel. It had been a wonderful experience for me and I hoped this would be the same for EJ.

She had so much excitement bubbling out of her the day she started. 

DaddyO cooked EJ a special breakfast of banana pancakes.

Then she dressed in her school uniform.

We found our numbered parking space and walked to the school.

Our shoes were removed and neatly lined up inside. 

EJ found the cubbie for hers. 

We met her teacher and dropped off her supplies in the classroom

 There was a place for everything.

I could see there were many new things for EJ to learn.

The room EJ will be spending her days in this coming year is bright and cheery.

 After visiting the classroom we headed upstairs for the opening ceremony. The kids in the four year old grade sat by class and listened to a welcome by the principal, an introduction of all the teachers and then enjoyed some songs and a puppet show performed by their teachers.

Afterwards we gathered for a class picture with the principal. EJ sat perfectly still as she stated at the camera. She had been subdued the whole morning as she watched and copied what everyone did around her. 

We ended the day in EJ's classroom with a welcome message from the teacher.

EJ immediately warmed to her "sensei" and I could tell that the teacher would take good care of her.

The principal fare-welled all the children as they left. An action as simple as crouching down to their level spoke volumes of the atmosphere of the school.

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