Riding High in Enoshima

Grandma and Grandpa gave us a Saturday alone with Baby B while they visited Enoshima, a seaside town just a thirty minute train ride south.

Grandpa made the most of his international license and drove to the train station. 

I had heard of a fun monorail just a short walk from Enoshima station so they headed there and rode the train for a loop.

Of course Grandpa rode in the front car and watched the driver with the kids. 

Grandma was expecting the monorail to be suspended higher but the views were impressive nonetheless. 

The monorail ended in Ofuna and after a quick switch they rode a different one back to Enoshima.

There were some fun photo ops at the station. Appetizing!

 They opted for lunch at our favorite hamburger place, First Kitchen, by the ocean and got to experience the Japanese favorite way of eating a hamburger...with an egg! The sauces are always fun as well.

Then it was time to go through the tunnel.

Over the bridge and through the main street of Enoshima. 

 They climbed the steep hill past shrines

 roadside performers

 and more sakura blossoms.

They were rewarded in the end with a beautiful view.


 DaddyO and I were rewarded by two sleepy children awake just enough to tell us of their exciting day.

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