Last Day of Yochien

The school year has come to a close. So much has happened since this first day. It's amazing to see how much our little girl has grown up.

The last day of school is a special day for the kids, teachers and parents.

EJ's started off with a bus ride. 

At the end of the half day, all the moms met at the classroom to bid farewell to the teacher. The kids sang their Blue Balloon farewell song then speeches and presents were given.

It was very evident how much their sensei cared for the class. Tears were shed and hugs exchanged.

The school gave each student a special present to remember their year. EJ received a hand towel with her name embroidered on the bottom as well as some pencils, drawing pad, and gift card to a bookstore.

She also brought home all her artwork from the year in the form of a book. A real treasure!

Since EJ is in the middle class this was not her final farewell. She will get to see her sensei at school and probably be in the same class as a third of her fellow students.

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