The Biggest Brag

I was thrilled when I saw this book available to read to the kids. Bragging is something I have been talking about with EJ and little help explaining it is always nice.

Nothing grates on me more than the "me" person. I think we all have met one. No matter what you say that  person has a story to top that pretty much sounds like "me, me, me, me me." The comedian Brian Regan explains it best.

Nipping bragging in the bud was important to me. "The Biggest Brag" started off showing how talented brother and sister bear were and how proud they could be of their hard work and effort but how easily that could turn into pride and bragging. After the bear siblings have a fight over who is better they are challenged by Grizzley Gramps about what they are bragging about and are reminded that where there is strife, there is pride.

We had some good discussion from this book and EJ is more aware of what she says about her accomplishments. In this age of Facebook, Twitter and blogs it is great that she is learning this lesson early.

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