Toilet Paper Hinamatsuri Dolls

Hinamatsuri or Girl's Day is celebrated every year on Mach 3 in Japan. It is a special day when families display their heirloom ornamental dolls representing the emperor, empress and royal court. Girls dress up in their kimonos and a special meal is prepared. Dolls are passed on from generation to generation to the first born daughter and a simple two doll display starts at $600.

Instead of purchasing a display the kids made a set out of toilet paper rolls.

In true CJ style he deviated a bit from my original design and decided to make binoculars instead. He put them right to use watching planes from our balcony.

Some origami paper for the kimonos, and old sweater for the hair, and and some beads and ribbons later and we had the perfect royal set to display in our entrance-way.

They kept disappearing though since EJ decided they were much more fun to play with.

I let her play away. Another advantage of cheap and easy decorations!

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