Bear Truck Crepes

The unexpected surprises we find on our excursions into Tokyo are what keep us going back for modeling shoots. When I tell them we're jumping on a train and heading into the city their response is always a gleeful shout. This was done in one hour, Ellie was a pro, so we spent the afternoon exploring the area. CJ was the first to spot the bear truck and of course we had to stop...

What luck, it turned out to be a bakery and crepe truck. The kids sported whip cream smiles:)

Since we were already in the city we stopped for an audition for Bennett and then jumped off the train to grab dinner at Garlic Jo's.

I hadn't been there since before kiddos and it was as garlicky as ever.


EJ was a great big sister and helped her brother with his meal. Life is getting easier.

Christian pointed out how he holds his glass like DaddyO. He's on all our minds.

We got to facetime with him the last few days and it was wonderful seeing his face .

We're thinking of you!

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