The Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook

It was such a treat to receive the Berenstain Bears' Country Cookbook in the mail. Cooking is a family event in our house but it usually entails mom or dad planning the meal and giving the kiddos directions. I was excited to have a cookbook that the kids could flip through and find some recipes to follow on their own. Being big Berenstain Bears' fans made it all the more fun.

The cookbook is exactly what I hoped for. Classic illustrations connected with fun recipes and pictures.

I quickly found one that I had to try and has become part of my cookie repertoire. These honey cookies are delicious adn easy to make; a unique honey taste that is addicting.

As proven by the butter spot on the page...we have made this recipe quite a few times.

It was no surprise that CJ was drawn to the Race Car Cookies.

EJ liked the Mug Brownie.

I also appreciated the Christian references throughout the book. A verse here, a prayer there.

This cookbook made cooking with Brother and Sister Bear so much fun. A perfect companion for any budding chef.

Thomas Nelson provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for this review which I freely give

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