Tea and Lemonade Stand

I had a whole day of excursions planned for our Saturday off together but EJ had other plans. "I want to make a tea shop" she told me "let's make one together". After a week of school and running around Tokyo, a tea shop sounded like the perfect afternoon activity.

There were quite a few girls who wanted to join in and they went to work helping EJ design her store front. Our entranceway was the perfect spot to get creative.

In an hour they had two stand to hold their goods.

They decided that they needed to sell more than just tea and branched out to include lemonade, lemon bars and biwas (we had just gone picking).

The girls helped me make these fabulous lemon crumb bars to sell.

Once everything was ready they set up shop outside our building and lured passers-by to buy.

In a couple hours they made enough money to split between themselves. More than just a profit though they learned a multitude of lessons that afternoon. From the business ones we discussed to the interpersonal ones that naturally happen. Not how I originally planned our day but thanks to our creative kiddo there are always great surprises.

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