Celebrating Mom at Trexler

A picnic by the river was how Grandma wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with the family. We loaded up our cars and headed to Trexler.

There are those special experiences that stick in your memory when a kid and I imagine the drive across the river here could be one of them. A lot of other families had the same Sunday idea and we all lined up to cross the river.

Even with all the holiday visitors the park didn't feel crowded and we were able to find a perfect grassy spot by the water.

Of course EJ was ready to head into the river right away with her net and bucket and join all the other children on the hunt for crayfish.

Grandma and Uncle Yoshi willingly joined her in the hunt.


Not only is it a beautiful drive to the river but you also get to see bison and elk as if on a safari on the way out. EJ was on the lookout the whole time and pointed them out with enthusiasm when she saw them.

This park will be a popular destination this summer for lazy days on the river.

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