The Donut Man

"I Love Duncan" read a shirt on a a bouncy toddler waiting to get into the Donut Man concert this weekend. The Donut Man is in his thirtieth year of entertaining the young and young at heart and I was excited to introduce my little ones to someone I listened to as a kid. For all those years of entertaining, the concert was still fresh and full of excitement. EJ was out of her seat dancing most of it. Not only did she get to enjoy some catchy songs with fun hand motions but she also learned some important truths while doing it.

The concert was in Pennsylvania Dutch land, so we had a beautiful drive through the country on our way to see the show. We arrived early, as my mom has taught me to do, and were rewarded with front row seats. 
 The Donut Man sang songs, told stories, and introduced his side kick Duncan.
At the end of the concert EJ was up stage singing "Hiya, Hiya" with the rest of the kids.
What more could a kid ask for after all that than their own Duncan puppet and a sugary donut? EJ got both.

The Donut Man signed her puppet.
 And she enjoyed the donut before our long drive home.

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