Easy Peasy Passport Photos

hamming it up for the camera
As soon as all of CJ's important documents arrived in the mail it was time to send in for his passport. The possibility of meeting up with DaddyO at a port was all the motivation I needed to get moving  on it.

Thanks to DaddyO's instructions, the paperwork and appointment were easy. The thought of taking the passport photos was a bit more daunting. Thanks to this fabulous (and free) website, the whole process took me less then 15 minutes and only cost twenty cents! I lay CJ down on a bed with a white sheet, took his photograph (okay maybe a hundred plus to get the the perfect face), and then the website assisted with aligning the photo to the official passport template, cropping it to the correct size and then downloading it so I could order to photos on a 4x6 print. Now it's just a 4 to 6 week wait for his passport to arrive and I can start planning our trip!

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