Memorial Day Remembrance

salute the heroes who fell, that we may live
Today we remembered all who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. EJ waved her flags while we watched veterans march by to patriotic music at a local parade.

Then we visited with a family friend for brunch who told us stories of her three brothers serving overseas in WWII. One never came home; he is buried in France.

During a dinner BBQ I also got to hear the recollections of another WWII vet who was a Marine stationed near Kobe, Japan right after the war. It was interesting to hear about his experiences during the rebuilding period. He visited the Big Buddah in Kamakura, climbed Mt. Fuji and took pictures of the Japanese countryside.

Having DaddyO deployed this year has given us just a taste of what so many families have had to cope with permanently. We are thankful for their sacrifice and will treasure the freedom their loved ones provided for us.

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