House Fire

initial photo of the fire
I had just arrived in Easton with my friend Kimberly to take the kids to the Crayola Factory when I got a call from our neighbor in FL with some bad news.  Hurricane Issac was just making landfall and DaddyO and I had been watching it closely so I thought maybe she was calling us about wind or rain damage from that storm. I wasn't expecting what she proceeded to tell me. Our neighbors house had caught fire the night before and the flames spread to our house. No one was hurt but the left side of our house sustained a lot of damage and was uninhabitable. That was not the news I was expecting

Fortunately Kimberly was there for support and didn't mind visiting the Crayola Factory by herself with an additional kid. I headed home to figure out how to proceed. My initial worry was more damage to the house from the hurricane since we now had open roofs, windows and walls. Thanks to wonderful neighbors who took care of boarding it up through the wind and rain that wasn't an issue.

I broke the news to DaddyO via text message and we were both just thankful that no one was hurt and there hadn't been more damage. Now we are just in the long process of repair and rebuilding.

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