The Long Flight Home

My original plan was to stay another week in Bahrain with our friends after DaddyO returned to the boat, but one thing MAC traveling has taught me is if there is a flight going where you want to go that you can get on TAKE IT! So when DaddyO and I went into the air terminal his last day in port to inquire on outgoing flights and were told a rotator was going out that night and had an abundance of open seats, we knew it was time for me to fly back.

saying goodbye
I had been looking forward to seeing more of the country and and visiting a few more people, but I was thankful to have the wonderful week we did with DaddyO and our wonderful hosts/friends.

Having DaddyO there to take us to the airport to see us off was awesome! He took me to the terminal four hours before the flight to check in our bags. We then returned with the kids an hour later. 

Our takeoff coincided perfectly with DaddyO's liberty ending on the boat. He waited with us in the terminal before he returned to the boat at midnight.

EJ got to read some bedtime stories with her Daddy and then it was time to say goodbye. At least this would be a much shorter separation. DaddyO would be home in less than three months!

We settled into the plane and waited to take-off.

This flight was a lot different than our flight to Bahrain. The aircraft was very similar but the aircrew and stops were quite different. Instead of Navy aircrew this flight was contracted out to North American, so their stewardesses and pilots manned the aircraft. Along with that came the regulations, no car seats by windows or along rows, that they were strict about enforcing. Being by myself made the regulations a bit bothersome.

Fortunately the first leg of the trip had many open seats, we had almost a whole row to ourselves, so I sat with CJ on my lap and EJ next to me by the window.

We arrived at Chania International Airport (CHQ) in Greece, our first stop, six hours later. I carried a sleeping EJ on my back and CJ in his car seat off the plane. They got a couple hours nap in the terminal.

Our second stop was a couple hours later in Naples (NAP). Again we had to clear the plane and wait in the terminal till they were ready for the next leg.

Not enough time to do any sightseeing but I was able to get a feel for the terrain from the airport.

EJ passed our couple hour layover in the kid's play area in the terminal...

and watching some movies on the playbook.

We then flew to our last layover at Lagens, Portugal (LGS), a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean almost halfway between the US and Europe. It was a beautiful island to land at, reminded me of Ireland.

Our last leg to Norfolk is a blur in my mind. after 24 hours of flying (ETD 24 Aug 2012 0036 ETA 24 Aug 2012 1911) with little more than a 15 minute nap at any time, I was exhausted. The kids slept okay on the plane but seemed to be on opposite sleeping schedules. The fact that I had to hold Christian the whole flight due to the car seat regulations made it a bit more difficult. It was a wonderful feeling touching down in Norfolk and knowing that Uncle J was there waiting for us. He drove us back to his place and we went right to bed. What happened the next morning is a whole other story.

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