Philly Zoo

A great perk of zoo membership, besides being able to visit your local zoo whenever you want, is the ability to visit other zoos for free or a discounted rate. We decided to put our Virginia Zoo membership to work and visit the Philadelphia Zoo. Amazingly I hadn't been to a zoo since CJ had been born so this was a first for him!

EJ donned her "zoo outfit", we found one for CJ as well, and Grandma wore her Africa necklace. EJ was thrilled that everyone had matching giraffes.

The Philly zoo is the perfect size for a morning or afternoon visit. We decided to go in between nap times. Both kids were wide eyed watching the animals. 

Giraffes and elephants are EJ's favorite animals but she spent the most time watching the gorillas and chimpanzees in the monkey house with Grandma.

The Philly Zoo allows you to bring in your own food and provides nice seating throughout the park so we enjoyed a picnic lunch with peacocks, geese and ducks.

We also enjoyed some dipping desserts while we watching the rhinos.

We finished our visit in the barnyard area and EJ got to feed pigeons, ducks and goats.

EJ and CJ took their afternoon naps as soon as we got in the car. It was a wonderful afternoon excursion!

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