The Great Allentown Fair

smiles with the farm princess
Having  little ones has encouraged me to try things I haven't done in years. The first time I visited the Allentown Fair was over ten years ago and I remember how disappointed I was. We had just moved from MN, a state with one of the top state fairs where we would prepare for weeks to visit it.

 The highlight of our visit was entering EJ, and a bit later Grandpa, in the Barnyard Olympics. We practiced her mooing and pig calling and weren't quite sure what she'd do if she made it to the microphone.
ready to go
cheering her on
Fortunately there were a few contestants in front of her in the 3-8 year category that she got to watch, and when her name was called she marched right up to the microphone to mooo and later call a pig.

She was very excited to find out later that the farm princess was there to give her a ribbon.


I was so proud of her!

She also enjoyed the Lil' Farm Hands barnyard experience.


What else is a fair without fair food?

If you go to the fair with low expectations you will be pleasently surprised. Again, having a little one  helped.

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