Blue Crabs

Crabs have been on EJ's mind ever since the snappy little creatures appeared from the sand on a recent trip to the beach. She wasn't sure what to think of them at first and after one ran into her ankle they definitely weren't friends. She spent the whole ride home asking why they "pinched" her ankle and talked about them in her sleep.

DaddyO decided to put a positive twist on her crab obsession by picking some up for dinner while we were visiting Avia and PopPop. He brought them home live and let EJ get nice and close.

She was fascinated.

I wasn't sure how she would handle DaddyO killing and cleaning them and tried to keep her away but she ended up being just fine with the whole process.

She brought in a tray of beautiful blue crabs ready to be boiled.

CJ relaxed in the sunroom during the preparation process. 

 But had not problem getting his hands dirty when they were ready to eat.

EJ loves food that requires a bit of work so they were right up her alley. She got her wooden mallet and went to work at extracting the crab meat.

 She liked them dipped in butter and a little Old Bay.

I don't think she'll ever look at crabs the same after this.

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