First Ballet Recital

garden princesses
My darling EJ made it to the big stage! In her mind at least. She has been looking forward to her recital night ever since she attended her first ballet class in February. I don't know what she was more interested in, dancing ballet or performing on stage. She got to do both last night!

It was a full day of ballet excitement. Grandma came down to attend her recital. We spent the afternoon making cupcakes to bring to post-party and after an attempt at a nap it was time to get ready.

I wasn't prepared see my daughter in make-up, especially at three years old, but I guess that's what dancers do. She couldn't be more excited about the blush, lipstick and mascara and was smiling and giggling the whole time Grandma put it on her.

Her hair went up in a bun.

 And she was ready to get dressed.

The parents picked out the sweetest leotard and tutu for the girls to wear. I called her my garden princess. 

She met up with her ballerina friends back stage.

They practiced their dance a couple times before it was time to perform.

EJ can sometimes get distracted during the dance and add her own steps to the music, the difference between her and her older classmates can be quite noticeable,  so I was curious to see how she would do through both songs.

She entered the stage waving and even gave a shout out to her little brother.

Once the song started though she kept her eyes (mostly) on the teacher and didn't get (too) distracted. She danced beautifully and DaddyO and I were so proud of our little ballerina.

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