CJ's Baby Dedication

Everything seemed to work out for us to dedicate our precious CJ while visiting family up north over Father's Day weekend.

It was much like his older sister's dedication. Family and friends gathered for the ceremony at the church. The pastor who married us and dedicated his older sister said the prayer over him as well.

not  quite sure what is going on
 From church we headed to my parent's home for a lunch reception. DaddyO made his Ring of Fire Grilled Chicken.

And I prepared deviled eggs.

The day was extra special being able to celebrate with the people that are important in our life.


CJ loves to blow out candles so it was the perfect opportunity to sing "Happy Dedication Day" and let him blow some out.

EJ was my little helper and had fun passing out the cross sugar cookies she had help me make. 

This was a special day for us to publicly promise our commitment to bringing CJ up to know Christ. We will always remember this special day.

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