Virgina Beach Air Show

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Virginia Beach hosts a three day Patriots festival that includes an air show at the beach. It was a hot afternoon but we had a great time watching planes zoom, spin and loop over the ocean.

Parking at the beach is difficult to begin with and adding a festival in the mix makes it near impossible. We solved the parking problem by parking farther out and riding our bikes in. The bike trailer made hauling all of our beach gear a breeze and the kids loved the ride.

We found a nice spot just south of the pier where we could watch the show but it wasn't too crowded.

The kids played in the sand for a bit.

Then we stood at the shore and watched the show.

Our Sunbuster shelter provided some much needed respite from the sun while the kids were still able to watch the planes.

It was an exciting yet exhausting day for the kids. EJ had no problem falling asleep in the trailer.

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