Yochien Shopping and Labeling

With just days to go till the first day of school it was time for EJ and I to do some shopping. We received a handbook from the school on our orientation day that included a list of items that the kids needed for their first day (indoor shoes, indoor shoe bag, gym clothes bag, bento bag, carrying bag, etc.) We had a lot of bags to pick up:) Fortunately these items were things that all school children needed and were easy to find.

Most of our purchases came from the AEON and the Hello Kitty store at Oak City Mall,

Of course an arcade was easily accessible when the shopping got too intense.


Once all the items were purchased it was up to me to label every piece.


And I mean every piece.

school items
lunch accessories, toothbrush, and hankies
indoor shoes
Once the shopping and labeling were complete I could breath a sigh of relief and look forward to her first day.

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