Aikawa Park

70 degree weather in November. It feels more like spring than fall but I'm not going to complain. We headed to Aikawa Park (35.541614,139.257741) to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies.

The park is nestled next to the Miyagasi Damn, and comprised of paths winding up steep hills and across suspension bridges. I found out our roller slide sleds can also be used on grass. Baby B had more fun pulling his around though.

We met up with our Japanese friends and Mr. Isao wrestled and rolled with the kiddos.

 Somehow they all ended up on top of him.


The moms enjoyed some cloud watching.


Then it was off to the park.

This one reminded me of a favorite childhood park in MN called Chutes and Ladders. Long replaced by child safe plastic; I'm glad my kids can still experience a true wooden park in Japan.

The boys pateintly waited in line for the roller slide. Holding hands no less:)

We love our roller slides!

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