Bali Flight

We kicked off our Christmas season vacationing in a place I would not normally associated with winter. It came highly recommended by quite a few travel savvy friends and a tropical island retreat sounded like just what we needed for some quality family time.

It was an early morning drive to the airport but the kids didn't seem to mind. CJ has been counting down to "Bali" for the last two months so the fact that there were no "after this day"s to count was pretty exciting for him.  It is amazing how much easier it is to travel now with a daughter that is old enough to help.

There is always something new to see at the airport.

Of course the planes were the main draw.

Before long our plane was boarding and we were on our way to Bali.

While the same length as a cross country flight in the states, all the perks that come with an international flight made it pass by quicker.

Before we knew it we had landed, found our driver, and on our way to our villa! It was a forty minute drive from the airport to Villa L'Orange. We whizzed along with the mopeds passing massive statutes of Hindu gods. The hotel greeted us with tropical drinks which we enjoyed on our front porch while the kids excitedly explored the villa. We fell asleep to the waves crashing on the beach outside. Our vacation had begun!

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