Autumn Leaves and Animals

It feels like fall just arrived but, already nearing the middle of Novemberm we are just a weekend or two away from the end of the leaves.

DaddyO packed up the kids for a day at the foot of Mt. Fuji to enjoy the leaves while seeing some animals. I'd say Fuji Safari Park is a kids' favorite, but then they have so many favorites here...

Baby B felt quite grown up riding in the front seat as they drove through the safari part of the zoo.

The kids were on the lookout for the animals freely roaming around the cars. 

Everything from bears.

To elephants. 

 To tigers.

It's fun to see what will come for a closer look.

Then it was off to see the caged animals.

And feed the penned ones.

Baby B got closer....

and closer...

till they were finally eating out of his hands.

I don't know of anywhere else you can hang out with albino kangaroos.

The kids met up with our Japanese family and the kids got a special treat of riding in the parade through the zoo grounds.

 The kiddos felt like royalty!

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