Baby See Baby Do

wearing her baby

We are our kids best role model. I was reminded of that wonderful (and sometimes scary) fact this week.

I love to "wear" EJ, both for the bonding and for the practicality of having her close to me. I have tried everything from a Baby Bjorn to a hip sling, my favorite being the Baby Hawk, to carry her around. It was a wonderful surprise to watch EJ play with her dolls and see how she picked up this practice.

She originally tried stuffing the baby up her shirt and walking around with her so I cut a long strip of cloth and made EJ her own baby sling. She was thrilled to be able to carry her baby around just like mommy.

She wore her baby to the doctor's office and I got questions from other moms about where I found her sling. They loved the idea and wanted to make one for their girls! Here is to many more baby wearers!

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