Beulah Blueberry Picking

May means the beginning of blueberry picking season. I learned since moving to Florida that the combination of climate and sandy soil here means sweet juicy berries. I grew up foraging for the tiny tart ones that grew low to the ground in the back woods of MN so it was a pleasant surprise to find that blueberries can also grow in clumps on large bushes.

Beulah Berries is a quick 14 mile drive from downtown Pensacola. It is actually just three turns from our house! We first visited the berry patch last year when Avia and PopPop were visiting. When I received an e-mail that the berries were ready for picking, I knew it was a place I wanted to take them again.

You start your picking experience at the berry shed. It is stocked with anything you might need to make your visit enjoyable. (buckets, bug spray, water, chairs, shade)

A sign is posted inside with picking instructions. The shed is unmanned so these are quite helpful.

EJ grabbed her bucked and was ready to start picking.

She headed out with Avia in search of ripe berries.

Buelah Berries grows 17 types of blueberries. This visit we primarily picked Palmetto blueberries.

The bushes were the perfect height for EJ to reach.

Most of them made it into the bucket.

But a few went directly to the mouth.

About an hour later we each had our gallon bucket filled with blueberries. At $10/gal (or $1.25/lb) they are a great deal!

I froze one gallon to use for pancakes and smoothies and the other has already been eaten. We will be visiting the Beulah Berries again soon!

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