Front Porch Baby Shower

We celebrated the upcoming birth of a "little lady" to my dear friend Megan on our front porch last weekend.

megan, laurie and kimberly enjoying drinks

Megan and I go way back...back to the days when our husband's were in the RAG together and we were newbies to Navy life. I like to say she followed me to Japan and then Pensacola, but I know I was just lucky to have her husband stationed where mine was. If only she would follow me to our next location:)

The theme of the shower was a front porch garden.

We incorporated flowers into our decorations and food as much as possible.

The tissue paper flowers were made using a technique I learned in Japan. (every Japanese student seemed to know how to make them) Here is an easy tutorial.

The centerpieces tied all the decorations together and added color and freshness.

A friend made these fabulous cupcakes using instructions from What's New, Cupcake. The only downside to making such a beautiful cupcake is no one wants to eat them. Fortunately she made extras!

We had a drink table of fruit sangria, iced tea, and simple syrups.

The shower was held at 1:30 so we kept the food light and easy to manage.

Veggie cups meant no one had to worry about double dipping.

The fruit tartlets were quick and easy. Simply take a sugar cookie, add a dollop of lemon curd, and top with fresh fruit.

Mango pudding has become a favorite of mine. When I found cute silicone molds at World Market recently, I knew these little desserts would be a fun addition to the shower.

Before Megan opened her presents everyone learned how to make a Moravian Star. Each of our stars were then added to a mobile she took home for her nursery.

I did not get a picture of her mobile but here is a close up of the star. They take a bit of practice to learn, but once you have made a couple they are quite easy. I liked these instructions best!

It was a wonderful afternoon of baby talk, laughter, and food. We are so excited to meet Megan's little one in less than a month!

with my star

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