Downtown Bike Ride

ready to ride

We recently purchase a bike trailer for EJ on Craigslist. The trailer came along with a beach cruiser that I have affectionately named my Teally.

It took us a while to decide on the method we would use to carry her on our bikes (it came down to an ibert or instep trailer) but we decided on going with a trailer on the recommendation of DaddyO's bike savvy sister. It was a good decision!

Biking has become EJ's favorite mode of transportation. She climbs into the trailer, points to her helmet and puts in on, points to my helmet and waits for me to put it on, then we are off!

We headed down to my new favorite restaurant The Wine Bar on Palafox for a takeout Parisian Baguette. We laid out a blanket and enjoyed listening to music from the Crawfish Festival as we shared the sandwich and salad. Delicious!

EJ made a new friend at the water fountain. They had fun chasing each other up, down and around the bricks.

A girl made EJ's night by giving her a yellow balloon.

It was a perfect evening downtown!

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