Locally Grown

garden vegetables and fruit

One dream of mine is to have a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees, and a chicken coop to grow and raise our own food. I have many fond memories growing up with my mother's garden; picking colander's full of strawberries, eating sugar snap peas from the vine, and discovering huge juicy tomatoes. Unfortunately the size of our yard and proximity to downtown make it difficult to do more than a herbs in pots at our current house. Since we cannot grow the food ourselves the next best thing is direct from a farm.

farm fresh eggs

Not only is the food tastier but it can also be cheaper. We found our produce and eggs in a couple different ways.

The sweet corn came from Palafox Market, a local market that brings farmers into the city every Saturday morning. The corn was sweet and only 50 cents an ear.

The rest of the vegetables and blueberries came from Beulah Berries, a pick your own farm a few miles down the road. A friend and I picked the plump blueberries ($1.25/pound) and the veggies were for sale in the shed.

The eggs are from a local farmer who has pasture raised hens. Our neighbor picks the eggs up for our neighborhood straight from the hens. At $2 a dozen it is a great deal!

This crop calendar is a great way to stay informed with what is season in your area and this can help you find a local pick your own farm.

We are having fun discovering new ways to eat healthy, live frugally and enjoy our food.

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