DaddyO's Mini Homecoming

his ship coming in

DaddyO left for a cruise on his new ship a few days after we arrived in Norfolk. It was a mini cruise, a workup to the long deployment, but time away from the family nonetheless. So when the morning of his return finally arrived there was a lot of excitement.

I have been counting down the days till his return with EJ and I realized how much she understood when she asked the night before if DaddyO would be home that night. She was just a day off!

I got word early morning that DaddyO's ship was approaching the coastline and I should be able to see it soon. I attached my zoom to the camera and started watching. It was a little before breakfast that we saw the silhouette of the carrier on the horizon. EJ and I poured our cereal and enjoyed watching the ship sail across our windows.

getting bigger

and bigger

We headed to the pier to meet him. It was my first homecoming from a ship (his previous ones were at a hanger after he flew his helicopter back) so it was interesting seeing all the families lining up to welcome one of the three thousand service members off the ship.

EJ watched and watched all the blue and green uniforms walk by trying to spot her DaddyO.

And then there he was, a head above the crowd, walking right towards her!

She gave him a big kiss and a hug and wouldn't let him leave her sight the rest of the day.

We spent the day doing some of her favorite things...eating sushi, going to the playground, and cuddling up with DaddyO and reading a book.

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