Planting A Rainbow

As much as I would love to be preparing for a garden right now, Sprout Robot definitely got me in the mood , the fact that sand not soil surrounds us, our patio is the size of a postage stamp, and we wouldn't be around to enjoy the fruits or our labor anyway, I have accepted the fact that potted flowers are the only thing growing right now in our condo.

DaddyO picked up a pot of daffodils for EJ a few days ago after he realized what an impact buying flowers for me had made. We can't pass the floral section at Trader Joe's without her reminding me of the flowers he had given me. So now, part of our breakfast ritual is reading Planting a Rainbow together and then watering her delicate blooms.

She loves finding her favorite colored flowers in the book, they happen to be yellow, and then comparing them to her daffodils.

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