North to Philly

enjoying the schuylkill river

We loaded up the car and headed north to spend a nice long weekend in PA. Besides wanting to spend time with family before DaddyO does his long cruise, we also were anxious to visit our IG who has been staying with grandparents while we're at the vacation rental and I got to have my first doctor's appointment with the group that will be doing my delivery.

reading with avia and the cousins

The highlight for EJ was all the special time spent with grandparents and cousins. From riding scooters, to playing with dollhouses, she was constantly playing and interacting. We were reminded once again how wonderful it is to have family around.

a hearty breakfast together

Thanks to family, DaddyO and I got to have a little date night of our own with his brother and sister-in-law. It was nice going out without running after a two year old. It doesn't happen very often!

Sunday morning was a drive into the city for a fabulous church service at Tenth Pres, lunch at Lovash, and coffee at Volo. A few parks and a little shopping were mixed in as well. We would sure love to move back to the city!

downtown girls
run through the park

It was a wonderful weekend home with family!

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