Handprint Valentine Photo Frame

Although chocolate was probably on the top of his list, DaddyO got a special valentine from EJ this year that would last a little longer and be a little healthier. She made him a a frame with her hand prints and photo that will go with him on the ship.

It was a fun and easy project for us to do together. When I saw the wood frame at Michaels for $1 the idea immediately came to mind. We picked up a couple bottles of acrylic paint (black, red, pink) a foam paint brush, and a white paint marker, and were set to start!

The only other thing needed is your little ones hands. EJ was happy to share them!

First I painted the frame black and then let EJ have fun with her hands. She loved painting them and seeing the print they left. First the right, then the left.

We finished the frame off with a few phrases around the heart, inserted EJ's Valentine picture, and the frame was ready for EJ to give DaddyO on her Valentine date with him.

We wrapped up the frame and tied with a bow and EJ was ready to "date with Daddy" at Starbucks. She gave him the frame and he gave her a tin of chocolate:)

heading out on their date

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