Hitting the Road

chesapeake bay bridge
Our family loves to travel. When we look back twenty years from now I think we'll be happy to look back at all the things we explored, dreamed, and discovered together as a family.

I tackled my first long car drive on my own with two little ones this last weekend. We headed south to visit Uncle J in Norfolk, VA. EJ has been doing 16 plus hour drives since she was three months old (PA to MN and back) and CJ proved to be just as good of a road warrior.

I loaded up the car with books, cd's and (most importantly for me) snacks and we hit the road. 

surrounded by books and dolls
We made a couple stops along the way to get gas and stretch our legs.

fill'er up
But most of the drive was spent reading books and smiling at the mirror.


I even was able to enjoy an audio book while they slept.

sleeping angels
I love car drives and look forward to tackling another 16 plus one when DaddyO returns! For now though I think I'll stick to the six hour ones.

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