Two Months Old

all smiles

I only recently realized how big a milestone turning two months is, especially when it comes to a doctor's perspective. EJ's first two years of life never gave me reason to visit an ER but I have already had two visits in CJ's first two months. He didn't have anything serious in my mind, a 101 degree fever one time and cough the other, but anything and everything is serious (or can escalate to being very serious) in a doctors mind if the child is under 60 days. Fortunately no medicine was necessary and CJ recovered quickly.

Thanks to a sister who shares more than just kisses with her little brother, I have learned some important lessons:
  1. Minimize the exposure to sickness for not only the baby but also siblings. Something that results in a small cough for a two year old can easily be shared and manifest itself much worse in a newborn.
  2. Research the sickness and understand the treatment. A virus and infection are different creatures and treated differently.
  3. Understand that the doctors want to help your child, but they're prescription may be a blanket recommendation and not necessary the best for your situation (x-rays, antibiotics, etc.)
Thankfully, other then his few bouts with sickness, he has had a lot of other firsts his second month of life. He has rolled over three times on his own, hits at the toys on his jungle gym, and follows his sister around the room with his eyes. The belly laughs, coos, and gurgles just melt my heart. I love two!

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