My Little Seamstress

ej's baby blanket made by avia
With the arrival of EJ came my passion for sewing.  I saw outfits and toys I had to have for her and making them was the most affordable and fun route. Fortunately I had the support and expertise of my friend Kimberly as well as DaddyO's mom Avia. Kimberly's Brother sewing machine and Avia's easy to understand instructions took the frustration and difficulty out of learning this new skill. I've been sewing ever since!

learning from avia
It is neat to see how my sewing has affected Ellie. She gets excited when I bring her a new outfit and immediately asks "Mommy made this?!" Now she is the one learning how to sew. She went to work making dresses, hats, and necklaces the last time we visited Avia. She measured, the fabric, marked it with the marker, cut it into the desired piece and then made us sit down for a fitting.

When she was finished we all were adorned with one of her creations.

Oh how I look forward to seeing what she makes in these years to come!

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