9 Months Old

CJ's hang time is increasing and standing on his own is no problem. We are still waiting for his first couple unassisted steps and are taking predictions on when they will occur.

His favorite toys are Mommy and DaddyO's cell phones. Forget trying to talk on them if he is in our arms. If we do finally give in and hand him one he sequels with delight and starts tapping the screen. When he's finished with his call the phone is his teething toy. Fortunately DaddyO's phone is waterproof but I don't think mine is going to last much longer.

There haven't been anymore teeth since his last one four months ago. With his nonstop drooling I have been waiting for number nine and ten to pop out but for now it's just swollen gums and teething tablets.

CJ is very animate when "conversing" with us. He waves hello and goodbye, claps his hands when excited, loves to give slobbery mouth kisses, and points at whatever catches his attention. He responds to his own name which comes in handy when trying to stop him from putting that "how did he find that?" something in his mouth.

My favorite moments are when he wraps his arms around me and snuggles into my neck. I hope those hugs never stop!

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