Celebrating 3 with Avia

One of the perks of being within a six hour drive of family is getting to celebrate your birthday a couple times. EJ is all about birthdays so she was thrilled to be the "birthday girl" each time.

Avia came down for a week a day after her birthday so we got the party box out and started decorating.

I prepared EJ's favorite meal (chickenless chicken nuggets from Trader Joe's) and we sat down for a birthday dinner.

EJ beamed the whole meal and CJ seemed to be enjoying the festivities as well.


It's hard not to smile when wearing a paper crown on your head.

EJ opened presents.

And then we enjoyed a slice of Avia's delicious chocolate cake.

She had made the very same recipe, minus the pink and purple frosting three years ago and EJ's real birthday. Tasting it always takes me back to that special day.

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