Dining Room Renovation

from fan to chandelier
We thought the Home Depot and Lowes trips were over when we moved away from our Pensacola house, but we missed the family excursions and DaddyO and I quickly found reasons to visit after moving to Norfolk.

The project at the top of my list was face-lifting the dining room, and DaddyO being the loving husband he is made it a priority.

We thought Avia's visit was the perfect time to tackle it. First we had to remove ugly striped wallpaper and border.

First spray.

Then peel.

 Avia jumped right in and got her hands dirty.

 EJ had fun peeling the wallpaper as well.

After reviewing piles of paint chips and testing six colors, we finally picked out the perfect one and started painting.

It didn't seem right having a fan in the dining room so I found a chandelier that matched the lamps in there perfectly and Daddy and Avia switched them out for me.

It's amazing how a bit of paint and a new light fixture can transform a room. I'm looking forward to some more home improvement store trips.

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