Three for Three

EJ was excited to celebrate turning three a third time when Grandma and Grandpa came to visit. She knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate it. She helped me decorate, bake, and then dressed up in her "birthday dress".

We played games with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle J.

Then it was time to gather round the table for dinner

I baked EJ a pink coconut castle cake using this recipe. I will definitely make it again, there wasn't a slice left by the end of the night.

EJ blew out the candles.

And then opened cards. We were all in stitches when she insisted on opening the one she had made and addressed to herself the day before first. She acted all surprised as she opened it.

My little princess.

Grandma and I painted sets of Princess and Prince wooden dolls for her which was a big hit. She was able to get Uncle J to do a little pretending with her.

Our little girl is growing up quickly. She is proud to show anyone who asks how old she is.

I just wish I could keep her three for a couple more years.

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